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Christa and Rod Lingham

What we offer:
With over 40 years of experience in the food industry, Lingham Foods has the necessary skills and expertise to assist your business in developing your food concepts into commercial products. What we can do for you:

  • Product and packaging development
  • Project management
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Regulatory and labelling advice
  • Quality assurance
  • Food safety plans (HACCP)
  • Feasibility studies and business planning
  • Assistance with funding submissions
  • Food Safety Training
Who we work with:
In Lingham Foods’ 11 years of service to the food industry we’ve worked with the following types of clients:
  • Organic food producers
  • Contract packers
  • Primary producers
  • Dairy processors
  • Baked goods producers
  • Grain packers & cleaners
  • Frozen food producers
  • Vegetarian food producers
  • Fruit and vegetable operations including minimally processed products
  • Grains industry forums
  • Food industry education institutions
  • Other specialised areas such as supported services and nutriceuticals.
What we've done
Lingham Foods has helped many businesses in many different ways. Here are some examples of what we've done for people:
  • Worked with industry forums and educational institutions to develop and deliver relevant training.
  • Evaluated the safety of an agricultural product for human consumption. Using existing research and tests we were able to confirm that the product was safe.
  • Patented and implemented a system for the production of minimally processed vegetables.
  • Worked with an organic basil and garlic grower to develop a successful and safe process for the manufacture of an organic basil pesto.
  • Developed a business plan for organic grain growers to market their product and increase trade.
  • Facilitated the implementation and maintenance of HACCP based food safety programs for dairy products.
  • Developed a range of pasteurised soups for an organic processor to be sold nation wide.
  • Helped create promotional literature about nutrition of frozen vegetable products for the food service market.
About us:
Lingham Foods is a member of the FTAA. Christa is currently the Chair of the technical sub-committee. Christa is also food safety auditor and a professional member of the AIFST.
Rod and Christa both work as trainers for the University of Ballarat and Longerenong College. Between them, they have qualifications in food science and technology, nutrition, rural product technology, assessment and training, and business management.
We have over 50 years industry experience in product development, technical and quality management, sensory science, production management, and regulatory affairs.
At Lingham Foods we will work with you to help bring your food ideas to fruition. Our training and expertise means we’re able to offer you as much assistance, or as little as you need. We can help you bring your product from the ground-up or simply help you with any difficulties that you may encounter.

Rod and Christa Lingham.
P.O Box 72, Rupanyup, VIC 3388.

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Christa: 0422 605 277

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